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Tomáš Tapas Bar, Lounge & Restaurant
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This is How We Do It..........

We Got The Toys...

Custom Build Giant Wood Slow-Smoke Trailer


Charcoal BBQ Trailed w/6 Foot Roaster 



Slow & Low is the secret of this fantastic smoker.  Build in Oklahoma, fully enclosed mobile trailer features fast cooking gas BBQ grill, double sink with waterhose connection, high-temp propane burner perfect for soup pots, stews, or poaching

Double open roof guarantees uninterupted cooking performance in rain and even high wind

Recomended for events no les than 200 guests, up to 1000 

What does a 1000 Bratwurst smoke-grilling looks like ??
Hickory Smoked Whole Pork loin

Our "Baby BBQ"

Custom Designed and Build in PA Amish Country


Featuring two charcoal grills featuring rotating baskets, perfect for skewers, whole salmon, whole chicken and charcoal cooked breaddough. Just about any too-much poking sensitive food.

On rear of this trailed is built in propane fired-roaster, perfect for slow cooked large cut meats, or whole animals [Lamb, or Pig]. Available is a smoker box that will add favour if required.

Space for coolers, two sun shielding umbrellas and easily pushed by hand if required.

This BBQ setup is perfect for events up to 200 guests

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